The Ultimate Warrior is like God!

The Ultimate Warrior is like God!

The Ultimate Warrior is like God! Yep, that thought actually went through my head today. I’m not saying it was the most “spiritual thought” or “godly thought” that entered my head today but I did in fact think it. Now, before you unlike this page, block me on Facebook and add me to your church’s prayer list (you can still do that, I always need prayer) let me explain.

I was reading Genesis 32:22-32 where Jacob wrestles with God. I’ve read & heard this story so many times that I’ve lost count but today as I read verse 24, the former WWF Intercontinental & World champion ran through my mind.

For those not as versed in the world of professional wrestling in the 90’s as I am, let me add some clarification. The Ultimate Warrior was this insanely muscular specimen who would run to the ring like a bolt of lightning, shake the ring ropes and run back and forth as thousands of fans went crazy. In every match the Ultimate Warrior would look as though he was going to lose. His opponent would throw him around, pin him to the floor for a 2 and a half count but then, just as it looked like it was over, the Ultimate Warrior would come alive. His opponent would hit him and he would just shake his head no. His opponent would kick him and he would stomp his feet up and down, run across the ring from rope to rope and then just totally destroy his opponent with an arsenal of clotheslines and finish him off with a press slam before pinning him for the 3 count. The Ultimate Warrior, I call him Udub for short, was never going to lose the match. He had it under control the entire time. He just let that other guy think he was going to win. I mean this is the guy who beat Hulk Hogan and held the Intercontinental and World title at the same time, Yo!!!!

So as I read in verse 24 that Jacob wrestled with God until daybreak I thought to myself, God just pulled an “Ultimate Warrior” on Jacob. I highly doubt God was impressed with Jacob’s wrestling moves. God wasn’t thrown off by Jacob’s elbow drop from the top rope or by his massive leg drop. When it was time, verse 25 tells us that God just simply touched the socket of Jacob’s hip which caused him to walk with a limp. Maybe it’s not as dramatic as a gorilla press drop followed by a running splash, but it still proves that during this entire wrestling match, God had complete control.

For the 2 people who is still reading this extremely (some may call ultimately) long post, here is my point. Often in “church circles” we hear people talking about wrestling with God. “I was up all night wrestling with God about my job.” “I’m really wrestling with God about where I should go to church.” I can’t speak for you, but I know personally I have tried to “wrestle” with God because ultimately (see what I did there) I was trying to convince God to see things my way, to follow my plan for my life.

We are never going to pin God down for the three count. It took me awhile but at the age of 40 I have come to the realization that I wouldn’t want to. He has proved to me time and time again that His plan for my life is always more beneficial than mine. Wrestling with God is about coming to Him as we are, in our mess, in our pain, in our suffering. Coming with a desire to be pinned, to be blessed in the loss and transformed by it.